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@ivan-nginx ivan-nginx released this Apr 16, 2018 · 753 commits to master since this release

Breaking Changes

Minimal correct support for NexT is Hexo v3.5.0 for now.

It's not actually breaking changes, just after this version highly recommend to use NexT with at least Hexo v3.5.0 or higher for avoid all possible bugs.

Hexo v3.5.0 also provides:

  • Replaced swig by swig-templates to mitigate uglifyjs 2.4 security vulnerability: hexojs/hexo#2949
  • Additional templates support which will be used in next NexT releases.

P.S. You can still use old Hexo versions, but NexT will not guarantee in future releases for correct rendering.

Added footer.powered.version option to display Hexo version in footer. (#214, 8c139be)

Old configuration:

-  powered: true

New configuration:

    # Hexo link (Powered by Hexo).
    enable: true
    # Version info of Hexo after Hexo link (vX.X.X).
    version: true

Refactored post_meta.updated_at option & replaced updated_diff by another_day option (#223, #228)

Old configuration:

  item_text: true
  created_at: true
- updated_at: false
- # Only show 'updated' if different from 'created'.
- updated_diff: false
- # If true, post's time format will be hexo config's date_format + ' ' + time_format.
- date_time_merge: false

New configuration:

  item_text: true
  created_at: true
    enabled: true
    # If true, show updated date label only if `updated date` different from 'created date' (post edited in another day than was created).
    # And if post will edited in same day as created, edited time will show in popup title under created time label.
    # If false show anyway, but if post edited in same day, show only edited time.
    another_day: true
  categories: true



  • Update guide for creating releases in CONTRIBUTING.MD (#213)
  • Remove unused language files. (1d89f8f)
  • Updated translations for core languages. (#211, #235)

Bug Fixes

  • Increase page loading performance by refactor menu-item-active class. (6f787af)
    Refactored files hierarchy for header components. (#221)
  • Fix for default language if no language in Hexo config defined. (#210)
    Renamed back _en.yml on en.yml and setted default.yml to link it. (adc76b7)
  • Refactored menu items & badges.
    Fixed bug with appear dot in submenu with disabled badges in Pisces/Gemini schemes. (#229)

For full changes, see the comparison between 6.1.0 and 6.2.0

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