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fancyBox3 for NexT.
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fancyBox 3 for NexT

If you want fancybox v2, please go to theme-next-fancybox


Step 0 → Delete fancybox 2 (if you want to upgrade from v2)

$ rm -rf themes/next/source/lib/fancybox

Step 1 → Go to NexT dir

Change dir to NexT directory. There must be layout, source, languages and other directories:

$ cd themes/next
$ ls
bower.json  _config.yml  docs  languages  layout  package.json  scripts  source  test

Step 2 → Get module

Install module to source/lib directory:

$ git clone source/lib/fancybox

Step 3 → Set it up

Enable module in NexT _config.yml file:

fancybox: true


$ cd themes/next/source/lib/fancybox
$ git pull
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