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Theme Ontology

A community-based, open access knowledgebase of literary themes and thematically annotated stories.
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Welcome to the Theme Ontology Community

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The Theme Ontology Project is a community-based undertaking that is focused on developing a literary thematic knowledgebase to underpin computational analyses in fiction studies. This project repository contains a collection of carefully defined literary themes together with thematically annotated stories. The themes are organized into a hierarchy. Data from this repository can easily be incorporated into the Theme Ontology website. From there it can be downloaded and analyzed in various ways. This tells us interesting things about the kind of stories we humans invent. Theming is also a good personal way to reflect on what really goes on in the stories we enjoy.


Read the project wiki to get a basic idea of what how the Theme Ontology works in practice. Then, refer to the general Contributing Guide to learn how to get started with contributing to the project.


The content of this project is licensed under the MIT license.