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Pinto WordPress theme
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Pinto WordPress Theme

Pinto is a delicate & delightfully lightweight theme built for writers, journalists & photographers. It's a seductively minimal WordPress theme that takes just minutes to get running.


  1. Clone this GitHub repository.
  2. Browse to the folder in the command line.
  3. Run the npm install command to install the theme's development dependencies within a /node_modules/ folder.
  4. Add an environment.json to the theme root directory with a key of devURL and a value of your local install.


    "devURL": ""
  1. Run the npm start command for development.
  2. Run the build gulp task to process build files and generate a zip.


GoDaddy has acquired ThemeBeans, and in the spirit of open source — the entire ThemeBeans WordPress theme catalog is now freely available here on GitHub. However, theme support and remote updates are only available for current license holders, and up to April 9th, 2020.

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