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Builder Blvd

Builder Blvd is a WordPress plugin in the works, meant to replace Theme Blvd Layout Builder and Theme Blvd Shortcodes to bring Jump Start into the new Gutenberg era. It combines blocks of Front Street with elements originally created in the Theme Blvd WordPress theme framework.

While the Theme Blvd's Layout Builder and Shortcode plugins have always required a commercial Theme Blvd WordPress theme to work, Builder Blvd is meant to work on its own, with any theme.


  • WordPress 5+ (or Gutenberg + WordPress 4.9)
  • PHP 5.3+.

Project Planning


The following is a working list of Builder Blvd's blocks. Many of them are inspired from elements of the Theme Blvd Layout Builder.

Name ID Formerly In Front Street? Require theme support?
Alert alert alert Yes No
Author Box author_box author_box @TODO No
Background Color background_color N/A Yes No
Background Image background_image N/A Yes No
Background Parallax background_parallax N/A Yes No
Background Video background_video N/A @TODO No
Blog blog blog No Yes
Box box panel Yes (widget) No
Call-to-Action call_to_action slogan @TODO No
Icon Box icon_box icon_box @TODO No
Menu menu N/A Yes No
Milestone milestone milestone @TODO No
Post Content post external No No
Post Grid post_grid post_grid No Yes
Post List post_list post_list No Yes
Post Showcase post_showcase post_showcase No Yes
Post Slider post_slider post_slider No Yes
Pricing Table pricing_table pricing_table @TODO No
Progress Bars progress_bars progress_bars Yes No
Slider slider simple_slider Yes No
Tabs tabs tabs Yes No
Team Member team_member team_member @TODO No
Testimonial testimonial testimonial Yes No
Testimonial Slider testimonial_slider testimonial_slider @TODO No
Toggles toggles toggles Yes No
Widget Area widgets widget No No

Note: Still undecided if we'll need to create a Columns block or the default one of the WordPress editor can be extended.

Removed Elements

The following are elements of the Theme Blvd Layout Builder will not be included with Builder Blvd, and will need to be converted somehow.

Name ID Conversion Notes
Breadcrumbs breadcrumbs Delete when converting. Only needed before because breadcrumbs were not apart of custom template pages.
Content content Convert to standard content of new WordPress editor.
Current Page Content current Delete when converting. Not sure how else to handle it since the layout is now part of the content.
Divider divider Convert to separator block in new WordPress editor.
Featured Image featured_image Replace with current featured image. Maybe also set custom field for featured image display to be hidden.
Headline headline Replace with default heading block in new WordPress editor. Replace supported macros like %title% with rendered text.
Chart (bar) chart_bar Can we find an existing charts plugin to recommend? One that supports Gutenberg?
Chart (line) chart_line Can we find an existing charts plugin to recommend? One that supports Gutenberg?
Chart (pie) chart_pie Can we find an existing charts plugin to recommend? One that supports Gutenberg?
Custom Field custom_field Replace with actual content from custom field (unless Gutenberg adds a solution for adding placeholder before WP 5 release).
Google Map map Find Google Map plugin to recommend instead.
HTML html Convert to new WordPress editor's HTML block.
Hero jumbotron Convert to section block containing relevant content.
Hero Slider jumbotron_slider Convert first hero to section block containing relevant content.
Image image Convert to image in new WordPress editor.
Milestong Ring milestone_ring Replace with Milestone block.
Mini Post Grid mini_post_grid Replace with default "Latest Posts" set to "grid" display.
Mini Post List mini_post_list Replace with default "Latest Posts" set to "list" display.
Partner Logos partners Convert to columns with logs as images.
Quote quote Convert to standard blockquote in new WordPress editor.
Video video Convert to standard embed in new WordPress editor.

Color Library

Add a section to WordPress settings that allows the user to disable the color library. Enabled by default.

The color library will be useful in that many blocks can have preset color selections instead of just selecting a custom color. The downside is that adding support for this adds a lot of extra styles to be included in their website to make all of the colors available.

Note: We'll need to output an object from WP that has our various options (i.e. wp_localize_script()) and incorporate that object into our Webpack externals. This can be used for other things like checking if theme support is declared or not, too.


Jason Bobich