Basic business website template with a Webpack build system.
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We Do Nothing

A basic business website template with a Webpack build system. Preview the production build here.

Quick Start

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Install the dependencies by running npm install.
  3. Run npm run start to start the development server and watch for changes.

Note: Browsersync will automatically find an available port and open it up in your web browser. s

Project Structure

  • public/ - Final build, for both development and production.
    • assets/ - All static assets, organized by filetype.
    • *.html - Generated, static pages of website.
  • src/ - Project source files.
    • font/ - Any web font files for typography or icons.
    • html/ - HTML template files.
      • pages/ - An HTML file for each page, mapped from site.config.js.
      • partials/ - HTML partial files included within your template.
      • template.html - Top-level HTML template, where pages and partials get included.
    • img/ - Images.
    • js/ - JavaScript files.
      • /partials - Any JavaScript partials.s
      • /main.js - Webpack entry point for compiling JavaScript and CSS.
    • scss/ - All Sass files for styling.
      • /partials - All Sass partial files.
      • main.scss - Main Sass file where partials are included.
    • svg/ - SVG files.
  • site.config.js - Website title and an object of website's pages, matching files in /src/html/pages.

Project Commands

  • npm run start - Watch for changes & continuously build development files into the /public directory.
  • npm run server - Run the development server.
  • npm run watch - Continuously build development files into the /public directory.
  • npm run build - Build the development files once into the /public directory
  • npm run build:prod - Build the production files once into the /public directory.


  1. Run npm run build:prod to build out the production-ready version of the website.
  2. Publish the files of the project's /public directory to your production server.


Jason Bobich