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Biztrox - Business theme (Premium)

Biztrox hugo theme

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Vex for Hugo


Vex is a product landing page theme/template created by Themefisher based on the latest Bootstrap 4 framework. It is fully responsive and beautifully crafted with Product Showcase, Testimonials and Email Subscription sections. See for more information.

And now, Vex has been ported to Hugo thanks to the great work of Giacomo Mariani (@karjudev)!


Create a new Hugo site by typing

  $ hugo new site <SITENAME>

Then clone this repository:

  $ cd <SITENAME>/themes
  $ git clone

Now take a look at the exampleSite folder and you're ready to go!


This Template is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC-BY-3.0) License. If you want to remove the credit, simply make a donation so that we can run our contribution to the Hugo community.


About Themefisher

Themefisher has been creating beautiful free and premium HTML templates since 2014. Visit us at to see other great-looking themes and inspirations for your future projects!

We are available for Hiring of your next HUGO project. Drop Us a mail