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This is the Genesys RPG glyphs and dice symbosl for Fantasy Flight Games' Genesys Roleplaying Game
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FFG Genesys Glyphs and Dice

A set of fonts to allow for the use of Genesys symbols and dice symbols in docuents.

With thanks to forum users: lecudas and Territan for their prior art.

These fonts are not FFG-approved, and are provided as a service to the community. If there's any issue with them, please contact the author.

What's here:

GenesysGlyphsAndDice-v2.ttf - the truetype font
GenesysGlyphsAndDice-v2.otf - the opentype font

Have it your way!


Q: Why are the characters smooshed up like that?
A: That is something called "overprint" that is used in the printing process. Most may not use it, but I assure you the glyphs work as intended. They add a border around the previous character and are intended to add emphasis. It is not a feature common to many text editors.

Q: What is the layout of the symbols? A:

  • Hollow Diamond (overprint): J
  • Hollow Hexagon (overprint): K
  • Hollow Square (overprint): L
  • Advantage: a
  • Despair: d
  • Failure: f
  • Threat: h
  • Solid Square: j
  • Solid Diamond: k
  • Solid Hexagon: l
  • Success: s
  • Triumph: t
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