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    Thank you for downloading Fruitful theme!

We have created a theme based on our necessities and experience, we will be glad if you like our work.
Our code is hand-made, so if you find a bug or have a wish to modify something, feel free to send us your feedback.
We want to make our product even better and better and we need users support and feedbacks.

Works perfect with WooCommerce till version 3.4

Fruitful PRO – WordPress responsive theme contains all the options of FREE version plus more options like ability to change width for container grid and support latest WooCommerce version. 

Thank you.


Fruitful is a free WordPress responsive theme with theme options panel, designed and developed in Fruitful Code
Feel free to use and modify this theme as you like.
Fruitful is distributed under the GPLv2 license (


If you want to get demo content pages like on demo website

1. Install plugin WordPress Importer 
2. Visit Tools -> Import in the WordPress dashboard and select dummy_data.xml from "demo-content" folder from .
3. Push "Upload file and import" button


1. Upload the "Fruitful" folder to the "/wp-content/themes/" directory
or find in Appearance > Themes > Install theme, type “Fruitful” in search field.
2. Activate the Theme through the 'Themes' menu in WordPress
3. Go to "Appearance" > Theme options
4. Config theme as you need.

    User Guide and theme features

=== WP Version ===
As this theme uses the WordPress customizer feature for most options, it requires at least version 3.4 to work properly.
Please make sure your WP version is at least 3.4.

=== Page layouts ===
Theme supported 2 types of html layout. Default responsive setting which adapt for mobile devices and static page with fixed width.
Uncheck arrow below if you need static website display.

=== Theme options ===
Fruitful has custom theme options panel, for easy setup and config theme setting for your needs.

=== Upload logo, backgroud, favicon ===
Go to the customizer screen in the logo and favicon section and upload your images.
For best results, try uploading a logo with the following maximum dimensions => max-height :100px, max-width ; 250px

=== Color customization ===
Configure colors as you need.

=== Fonts ===
Choose web-safe fonts and 20 popular Google fonts.

=== 2 Jquery slider included ===
- Nivoslider
- Flex slide

=== Social links ===
Easy add your links to your social profiles, which will be display in footer or header as icons.


The themes is ready for translation and already translated in Russian.
We are open for users translations, translation can be included in new theme versions.
Files: .pot, ru_Ru.po, icluded. Default language is english.

* Underscores starter theme Licensed under GPL licenses
* Skeleton responsive grid Licensed under MIT
* FlexSlider by WooThemes under the GPLv2 license (
* Nivo Slider jQuery script by dev7studios under the MIT license.
* Fancybox jQuery script Licensed under both MIT and GPL licenses
* Html5shiv jQuery script under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses
* Mousewheel jQuery script Licensed under the MIT License.
* SyntaxHighlighter jQuery script Licensed under the MIT License
* Easy Responsive Tabs to Accordion MIT and GPL licenses
* Fonts by Google fonts licensed under Apache License Version 2 (
* Font Awesome licensed under the MIT License
* Dialogbox by Trent Richardson, Licensed under the MIT License


= 3.7 =

* Info: Check capability with latest woocommerce version
* New: Added WPForms support
* New: Added ability to Subscribe for newsletters option
* New: Added Subscribe for newsletters notification in admin Dashboard
* Bug fix: Fixed styles for forms
* Bug fix: Post css margin fix
* Bug fix: Woocommerce styles

= 3.6 =

* Update: Woocommerce templates version
* Update: Woocommerce depricated functions
* Update: Removed title meta from header.php
* Update: Zoom icon on Product page
* Update: Meta Viewport tag
* Update: Deprecated function removed
* New: Add WPML support
* New: Collecting statistics
* Bug fix: Product image for Variable products
* Bug fix: Related Products on Product page
* Bug fix: Shop search form
* Bug fix: Woocommerce "Update cart" button
* Bug fix: Custom mataboxes issue
* Bug fix: Javascript key navigation
* Bug fix: Notices on FlexSlider
* Bug fix: Product Widget layout

= 3.5 =

* New: add Elementor support
* Update: Dummy Data update
* Bug fix: Woocommerce lightbox function error
* Bug fix: Updating WooCommerce templates version
* Bug fix: Woccommerce update problem
* Bug fix: Theme check errors
* Bug fix: Fixed back-top icon 

= 3.4 =

* Added: Social icon
* Bug fix: Mobile menu
* Bug fix: Empty Favicon Tags
* Bug fix: Menu conflict with the plugin Woocommerce Catalog Enquiry
* Bug fix: Menu conflict with the plugin Woocommerce Catalog Enquiry
* Bug fix: Button doesn't change the color on cart page
* Bug fix: Add menu item - bug fix css
* Bug fix: Add slider images to xml, fix css h3 font-size
* Bug fix: Viewport content and fix bug on Ipad
* Bug fix: Customizer capability fix
* Bug fix: Not sizing properly in landscape view on iPad
* Bug fix: Woocommerce 3.0.0 select2.js
* Bug fix: Sprintf() bug on install plugins
* Improvement: Thumbnails for fullwidth posts
* Improvement: Outdated copies of WooCommerce template file
* Update: Timeout for page reload
* Update: Mobile dropdowm menu
* Update: Demo content
* Update: Proceed to checkout button styles
* Update: Slider layout settings update

= 3.3.1 =

* Improvements: Close menu in mobile and tablet after click
* Update: Infinite scroll support
* Bug fix: Mobile dropdown menu double click
* Bug fix: display of comments using the Jetpack plugin

= 3.3 =

* Update: FontAwesome 4.5.0
* Update: Credits and links
* Bug fix: Menu display for IE9
* Bug fix: Search button
* Bug fix: Header height for mobiles with hamburger menu

= 3.2 =

* Improvements: Header background with hamburger menu
* Improvements: FontAwesome icon in search form
* Update: TGM plugin activation 2.5.2
* Bug fix: WooCommerce, cross sell products, add to cart
* Bug fix: WooCommerce, 5 products per row
* Bug fix: Link in cart /"
* Bug fix: Sidebar position for tags template
* Bug fix: Slider, remove button duplicated
* Removed: class from image type( field options)

= 3.1 = 

* New: Color for WooCommerce cart icon
* Improvements: "Default theme styles". option disabled
* Improvements: Header background image, added image crop in customizer.
* Bug fix: Menu icon color
* Bug fix: WooCommerce tabs position
* Bug fix: Check if variable not empty, checkbox value on save
* Bug fix: The 4th level of dropdown menu color
* Bug fix: Menu position center, after update
* Bug fix: The slider images are distored (width) in landscape mode
* Bug fix: Stripslashes  - textarea theme options
* Bug fix: microsoft lumia support

= 3.0 =

* New: Customizer support
* New: Ability to add fields in theme options with child theme
* New: Color for hamburger menu
* New: WooCommerce product, tabs position
* New: Page templates by default > Blog
* Update: FontAwesome
* Update: Translation files
* Update: WordPress 4.4.1 support
* Update: WooCommerce 2.4.12 ready 
* Bug fix: Enable touch swipe on Flexslider
* Bug fix: If retina logo field is epmty, display regular logo
* Bug fix: When turn off the Sticky header option, the mobile optimized screen wont show the slider

= 2.7 =

* New: WooCoomerce product sidebar options
* Update: WooCommerce 2.3.13 ready
* Update: FlexSlider.js 2.5.0
* Update: ru_Ru translations
* Bug fix: Retina logo
* Bug fix: Social media icons

= 2.6 =

* New: Retina logo
* New: Retina favicons
* New: French translations
* Improvements: Theme options > General > Custom wordpress pages layout
* Improvements: Code optimizations
* Update: WordPress 4.2.2 ready
* Update: WooCommerce 2.3.9 ready
* Update: TGM plugin Activation 2.4.1
* Bug fix: TGM Notice duplicated on Yoast admin page

= 2.5 =

* New: Default layouts for single post and default pages
* New: Arabic translations
* Update: TGM plugin activation
* Update: WooCommerce 2.3.6 support
* Bug fix: Google fonts load only if you have selected

= 2.4.1 =

* Bug fix: Full width slider for home page
* Improvements: header.php

= 2.4.0 =

* New: Ability to choose slider for pages.
* New: Theme options > Colors, Woocommerce styles
* New: Theme options > General, added layout switcher for additional pages
* New: Social icon "Vimeo"
* Bug fix: WooCommerce layouts for pages
* Improvements: Change entry title tag h1 -> h2 for loop pages
* Improvements: Reorganize code
* Improvements: Translation updates

= 2.3.1 =

* Bug fix: Slider z-index
* Bug fix: WooCommerce "add setting method"
* Bug fix: WooCommerce price width
* Bug fix: Remove deprecated function
* Bug fix: Remove get blog info from theme backend

= 2.3 =

* Improvement: Custom menu widget, RTL support
* Improvement: WooCommerce CSS
* Improvement: WooCommerce 4 products per row, by default
* Improvement: FontAwesome script activation with Fruitful shortcodes
* Improvement: Ability to translate navigation labels
* Improvement: Sticky header now with background image
* Bug fix: WooCommerce Related products
* Bug fix: Youtube iframe fullscreen
* Bug fix: WooCommerce Product with empty content
* Bug fix: WooCommerce Child Category fix
* Bug fix: conflict with Fancybox
* Bug fix: Extra margin removed

= 2.2.1 =

* New: Custom menu css styles
* Improvement: css changes
* Improvement: Adding the subset=latin-ext to the Open Sans font
* Bug fix: BuddyPress textarea css styles
* Bug fix: WooCommerce my account page, labels display
* Bug fix: Content Image size
* Bug fix: Slider display after version 2.2

= 2.2 =

* New option: Display Featured image on single post page
* New: Social tab, tumblr icon
* New: Social tab, soundcloud icon
* New: Print CSS
* New: bbPress support 
* Improvements: Slider js only for home page
* Improvements: Facebook Comments support
* Improvements: Author and Updated correction
* Bug fix: Slider options
* Bug fix: Responsive menu, on resize window
* Bug fix: WooCommerce edit profile, drop down
* Bug fix: WooCommerce checkout styles

= 2.1.1=

* New option: Colors tab, social icon color 
* New option: Colors tab, social icon background color
* New: Social tab, github social icon
* Css improvements

= 2.1 = 

* New: Social icons changed to the Font Awesome (CSS) 
* Improvements: <h3> Headline in sidebar, can be selected in theme options
* Improvements: Sticky header effect
* Improvements: WooCommerce additional CSS styles
* Improvements: text domain updates
* Updates: fruitful.pot
* Bug fix: Nivo slider skins
* Bug fix: WooCommerce number of products in row single product

= 2.0 = 

* New: Shortcodes moved to plugin territory
* New: Home page template
* New: Page template switcher
* New: WooCommerce tab in theme options
* New: Theme options, Header background image size full width or centered
* New: Theme options RTL support
* New: Theme options, responsive menu select or button.
* New: Ability to choose slider width boxed or full width.
* New: Persian localization (fa_IR)
* Improvements: German localization (de_DE)
* Improvements: French localization (fr_FR)
* Improvements: Russian localization (ru_RU)
* Improvements: add_theme_page() instead of add_submenu_page()
* Improvements: get_template_part instead of required_once
* Improvements: Change default color for font in dropdown menu
* Improvements: WooCommerce products per row
* Improvements: WoCommerce additional styles
* Update: Fancybox version
* Update: select2 library removed
* Bug fix: WooCommerce alert box shop page
* Bug fix: Centered logo position at responsive site versions
* Bug fix: Woocommerce alert box category page
* Bug fix: Cart button and WPML position
* Bug fix: WooCommerce related products styles
* Bug fix: Theme options, comments option.
* Bug fix: Scalable for iPhone

= 1.4 = 

* New: full width post template 
* New: drop down menu colors 
* New: bundled plugins: WooCommerce, Maintenance, Contact form 7, WordPress SEO by Yoast
* New: social media icon Soundcloud
* New: social media icon Tumblr
* New translations: German, French, Spanish, Vietnamese
* Bug fix: WooCommerce display SKU
* Bug fix: 'hgroup' element has been removed from the HTML5 specification
* Bug fix: removed notices
* Bug fix: max-width js header language selector
* Bug fix: wpml menu and widget
* Update: translations updates

= 1.3.3 =

* New icon yelp
* Bug fix theme options, notification.
* Bug fix background repeat options
* Theme options additional styles
* Buttons bug fix
* WooCoommerce additional styles 2.1.4

= 1.3.2 =

* New option buttons color
* New option cart - on/off (WooCommerce)
* Translation updates
* Bug fix: menu default font

= 1.3.1 = 

* New calendar widget styles
* Edit link placement
* Bug fix main sidebar

= 1.3 =

* New wp_add_inline_styles
* New theme options - colors
* New theme option - logo position
* New theme option - menu position
* New color picker
* New images for demo slider
* Bug fix menu styles
* Bug fix nofollow footer for home page
* Bug fix WooCommerce message on cart page (Firefox 27)
* Bug fix category page (WooCommerce)
* Bug fix position of sticky header
* Bug fix Flex slider (slide effect, Chrome)
* Bug fix position of social media in header
* Bug fix custom css option, text with double quotes
* Removed sidebar from cart, checkout, account (WooCommerce)
* Responsive version improved for WooCommerce
* Css changes and improvements
* Code optimizations
* Translation updates

= 1.2.1 =

* New option, social media icons position (header or footer)
* New sidebar for blog page
* New sidebar for post page
* New sideabar for shop page (WooCommerce)
* New screenshot
* Bug fix, device width for fixed styles
* Bug fix background repeat options
* Bug fix fancybox for linked images
* Bug fix featured image
* Bug fix post format: image
* Bug fix with sticky header
* Bug fix sale label (WooCommerce)
* Bug fix sidebar styles for shop page (WooCommerce)
* Russian translations update 
* Css bug fixes
* Code optimizations

= 1.2 =

* New WordPress 3.8 ready
* New WooCommerce ready
* New WPML ready
* New Social media added: instagram, pinterest
* New Design for comments
* New Validation for comments
* New Retina ready icons for theme options
* New Options, background color for content.
* New Icon for tags
* New Localization .pot file included
* Bug fix Theme options responsive
* Bug fix Responsive menu duplications
* Bug fix Drop down menu on touch devices
* Bug fix WordPress Customize  
* Bug fix FlexSlider z-index problem
* Bug fix Wordpress error message display in theme options
* Bug fix Social media icons, email url 

= 1.1 =

* Install home page (Import dummy data)
* New header section in theme option
* New styles for WordPress 3.6 post formats
* New blog additional styles
* New design skins for Nivo slider and Flex slider
* New popular google fonts added
* New attribute columns_count="3" added to shortcode [info_box_area]
* New default icon for columns shortcode
* New Easy Responsive Tabs to Accordion
* New back to top arrow
* New dialog window
* New design saving popup
* New files jquery-ui.css, jquery-ui.js
* New files fancybox 1.3.4 version
* Update slider: Target="_blank" option per slides
* Update descriptions in theme options
* Update for ru_RU translation.
* Bug fix post with no title added link to circle with data
* Bug fix 1200px image width in content section
* Bug fix leave comments
* Source code optimization
* Css changes

= 1.0.9 =

* XSS vulnerabilities bug fix
* Slider - added ability to add link to slider images
* Shortcodes - source code optimization and new features
* Shorcode [slider] changed to [fruitful_slider]
* Backlinks in footer added <nofollow> for all pages except home
* Fancybox now working with class="fancybox"
* Skype icon added call on cliks
* Added icon to social media tab
* Css changes

= 1.0.8 =

* theme preview bug fix

= 1.0.7 =

* Comments on pages set by default in theme options
* Optimization fruitful_get_responsive_style function
* Css changes
* Update descriptions for theme options.
* Fonts options changed from content to <body>

= 1.0.6 =

* Checkbox Responsive bug fix after 1.0.5
* Favicon bug fix
* Update descriptions for theme options
* Localization update

= 1.0.5 =

* Default settings checkbox bug fix
* Code optimization

= 1.0.4 =

* Remove php notice and fix home url
* Fixed header option, bug fix
* Front page title, bug fix
* Css changes
* Update readme.txt file

= 1.0.3 =

* Modified document <title> output, use wp_title filter
* wp_head replaced
* Google analytics removed from theme options
* Fix unescaped home_url() calls
* Comments appear for post by default
* Gallery post type removed
* Correct author-bio.php, tag.php and taxonomy-post_format.php
* Back to top button, now inside footer
* Responsive by default in theme options
* Css fixes
* Copyright changes

= 1.0.2 =

* add author template
* Css fixes
* General bug fix

= 1.0.1 =

* Replaced default logo with sitename and description
* Excerpt --more-- fixed
* Removed favicon option
* Pagenavi bug fix

= 1.0 =

* Initial Release
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