Marionette.js views implemented with virtual-dom
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A Marionette.View and Marionette.CompositeView implementation with virtual-dom.


  • If you are using Marionette.js v3+ you should use marionette-vdom v0.2+ (or the latest)
  • If you are using Marionette.js v2 you should use marionette-vdom v0.1.2-b


This module exposes View as the VDOM implementation for Marionette.View and CompositeView for Marionette.CompositeView:

var VDOMView = require('marionette-vdom').View;
var VDOMCompositeView = require('marionette-vdom').CompositeView;

How tos

To install:

npm install

To run the demo app:

npm run demo

To run the perf test:

npm run perf

To run the unit tests:

npm test

To generate binaries:

uglifyjs --compress --mangle -- marionette.vdom.js > marionette.vdom.min.js

Make sure to check out the change log.

Browser support

IE 9 on