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Word Repetition Span
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Word Repetition Span task may consist of word repetition or non-word repetition. Both spans begin at List length 2 and ceiling at List length 5. For this task, the computer will say a string of words or non-words for the participant to repeat in order. The clinician then copies the participant’s responses in the order they were offered. This task assesses the ability to repeat single words and single non-words. Depending on the accuracy and types of errors, it is sensitive to deficits of input and output processing.

Word Repetition Span

Installation Instructions

  • The code runs on a macOS device or on a Linux machine.
  • Make sure you have Python 3 installed on your macOS.
  • Install brew if you haven't already

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

brew install portaudio pip install --global-option='build_ext' --global-option='-I/usr/local/include' --global-option='-L/usr/local/lib' pyaudio

  • If you have Anaconda Installation on your system.

conda install PyQt5

  • If you do not have Anaconda:

pip3 install PyQt5

Run the software


Comments and Feedback

If you have comments and suggestions, please do not hesitate to conduct me:


If you are using this code and you want to cite it in your papers please use

Themistocleous, Charalambos (2019). Repetition Task App. [Computer software]. Retrieved from

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