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Phonetics and Phonology: Advanced Level (ENG 545)

The ‘English Phonetics and Phonology: Advanced Level’ is an integrated and structured course of key topics representing the state of the art in the field of phonetics and phonology. Focusing on linguistic, interactional, social, cultural and ideological issues, the course is organized to provide a graded introduction to Phonetics and Phonological theory which is essential for sociolinguistic research. The course includes:

  • the study of fundamental concepts in phonetics and phonology,
  • the study of the sociolinguistic aspects of speech and
  • the study of interactional phonetics and phonology.


It covers all these topics through the discussion of key research methods and resources, reading classic texts written by leading theorists, highlighting key concepts in different traditions of phonetics and phonology and finally by studying important papers by contemporary specialists showing what phonetics and phonology is able to achieve if applied to different social issues and social settings. It will therefore be of major interest to everyone interested in phonetics, phonology, conversation analysis, discourse analysis and sociolinguistics.


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