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A generic project template generator that prepares a folder structure for your academic projects.
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Create Template

This script provides a generic project template with the following folder structure for your academic projects:

|-- writing/
|   |-- figures
|   |-- bib
|   |-- notes
|   |-- papers
|   |-- notes
|-- statistics/
|   |-- data/
|   |   |-- data.csv
|   |-- figures/
|   |-- notes
|-- materials
|   |-- sounds/
|   |-- texts/
|   |-- analysis/
|   |-- notes
|-- scripts
|   |-- code
|   |-- notes


The hard way

To create this project structure put '' in the directory you want to create the project and run:


The easy way

To avoid dealing with the location of the script everytime you want to create a project, a better option is to create an alias of the python script in your .bash_profile that points to its location. To do this, you need to open .bash_profile using your favorite editor like emacs or vim but for most users it is easier with 'nano':

nano ~/.bash_profile

Then write the following at the end of the file:

alias ct="python ~/Documents/GTD/project_templates/code/"

When you finish editing press Ctrl + X and then "Yes" to save and exit.

Now, you can run the script simply by typing in all directories that you have sufficient privileges



The folder structure depends on your needs, it is not a fixed structure, so make changes accordingly.

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

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