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Oomox-gtk-theme is a fork of Numix-gtk-theme with slightly different visual design choices and more customization capabilities. It can be used in Themix/Oomox app.
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Oomox-gtk-theme is a fork of Numix-gtk-theme. It is used in oomox app:

Theme examples

Screenshot Light Screenshot Medium Screenshot Dark


You need to have those dependencies:

  • glib-compile-schemas
  • gdk-pixbuf-pixdata
  • sassc>=3.4
  • gtk3>=3.18

For GTK2 you need murrine engine which can be not installed by default.

Arch Linux
sudo pacman -S --needed bash grep sed bc glib2 gdk-pixbuf2 sassc gtk-engine-murrine gtk-engines librsvg
sudo apt install libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev libxml2-utils gtk2-engines-murrine librsvg2-bin

And install sassc>=3.4:

How to generate the theme using CLI:

git clone
cd oomox-gtk-theme
./ -o my-test-theme <(echo -e "BG=888a85\nBTN_BG=85509b\nBTN_FG=0e0021\nFG=0e0021\nGRADIENT=0.0\nHDR_BTN_BG=85509b\nHDR_BTN_FG=0e0021\nHDR_BG=0e0021\nHDR_FG=888a85\nROUNDNESS=4\nSEL_BG=dc5e86\nSEL_FG=000000\nSPACING=3\nTXT_BG=c0bbbb\nTXT_FG=000000\nWM_BORDER_FOCUS=9edc60\nWM_BORDER_UNFOCUS=0e0021\n")
git clone
cd oomox-gtk-theme
./ -o my-test-theme (echo -e "BG=888a85\nBTN_BG=85509b\nBTN_FG=0e0021\nFG=0e0021\nGRADIENT=0.0\nHDR_BTN_BG=85509b\nHDR_BTN_FG=0e0021\nHDR_BG=0e0021\nHDR_FG=888a85\nROUNDNESS=4\nSEL_BG=dc5e86\nSEL_FG=000000\nSPACING=3\nTXT_BG=c0bbbb\nTXT_FG=000000\nWM_BORDER_FOCUS=9edc60\nWM_BORDER_UNFOCUS=0e0021\n" | psub)

next select my-test-theme in your appearance config tool (for example, lxappearance)


Running tests locally:

cd ./docker_scripts/

# build container:

# start container:

# run tests:

Alternatively, to avoid rebuilding the container after each small theme change, you can start already built container and mount the current working directory inside that container:

# start container:

Generate new screenshots:

# assuming container is already started:
./docker_scripts/ -e GENERATE_ASSETS=1

Generate screenshots only for specific theme variant:

./docker_scripts/ -e GENERATE_ASSETS=1 -e SKIP_GTK2=1 -e TEST_THEMES=clearlooks -e TESTSUITE_HIDPI=1
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