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@actionless actionless released this Mar 16, 2018 · 591 commits to master since this release

New Features:
 - a plugin for importing colors from the images;
 - a plugin for importing colors from Base16 project .YML themes;
 - Oomox theme: brand-new Cinnamon theme, configuration of checkboxes and radios colors, headerbar/titlebar vary on focus;
 - few new themes.

 - Oomox theme: GTK3: Nemo, Actionbar widget, Server-Side Decorations.

Special thanks to @smurphos for designing the Cinnamon theme and other improvements.

 2018-03-16 b42e30e actionless fix(terminal_templates): add missing terminal template (default for PIL plugin)
 2018-03-16 924ea4b actionless fix(plugins: oomox): add cinnamon to capabilities description
 2018-03-16 a9aa5af actionless chore(plugins: oomox): enable Cinnamon support
 2018-03-16 c25137c actionless chore(plugins: oomox): update option name
 2018-03-16 ab7552e actionless feat(plugins: oomox): placeholder for cinnamon theme export
 2018-03-16 188f966 actionless feat(plugins: oomox): export optionally gtk+3 theme for all available versions
 2018-03-15 16778b6 actionless chore(plugins: pil): initial commit after porting to py3
 2018-03-15 516b29a actionless fix(theme_file: save): don't save theme model keys prefixed with underscore `_`
 2018-03-15 ea17840 actionless fix(plugin_api: import, theme_model, base16): create special theme model section for import plugins
 2018-03-15 808230f actionless chore(colors: lcars): add 2 new themes and update terminal palettes
 2018-03-14 d173a7e actionless feat(terminal): implement find_closest_color
 2018-03-14 55167fc actionless feat(terminal: colordiff): add `sat` (saturation) property
 2018-03-14 e2abc0e actionless fix(helpers): move hex_to_int/int_to_hex  upper than functions which are importing them
 2018-03-14 76f1f9a actionless feat(plugins: base16): add decorative sepator to split theme options and plugin options
 2018-03-13 e1ca579 actionless fix(gtk_helpers: scaled_image): unexpected resize when calling set_value with an img with different aspect ratio
 2018-03-13 4ea931d actionless feat(colors_list): implement ImagePathListBoxRow
 2018-03-11 3af8e0c actionless chore(plugins: themes): update submodules
 2018-03-11 6a0461c actionless chore(plugins: materia): update sumbodule to the latest release
 2018-03-10 664d85d actionless feat: implement plugin for using base16 themes
 2018-03-07 7e4401b actionless chore(plugins: oomox): disable cinnamon export for now
 2018-03-07 dd94b10 actionless chore(plugins: oomox): update submodule (Cinnamon support, backdrop titlebars/toolbars in GTK+3)
 2018-03-03 79dbcd7 actionless fix(colors: retro): use more reasonable terminal palettes
 2018-03-03 5c0425e actionless chore(color): add few materia-based theme variants
 2018-03-03 5f1bbee actionless feat(colors: monovedek): add new theme to the suit
 2018-03-03 5c55bcc actionless fix(colors: gnome-colors): use more reasonable terminal palettes
 2018-03-03 037f33d actionless feat(theme_model; plugins: oomox): make ACCENT_BG available for both Oomox and Materia themes
 2018-03-03 188befa actionless fix(colors): update to use more reasonable terminal palette
 2018-03-01 5432ab0 actionless chore(plugins: oomox): update submodule
 2018-02-26 9a040b6 actionless chore(packaging: flatpak): update imagemagick dep and use different separator in sed
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