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Just use sh, like system()

I had grand visions of being able to use shell aliases and functions, but
realized a bit too late that that those are generally only used if the shell if
interactive =(... and I had already verified that virtually every shell on earth
supports -c.

Signed-off-by: Jack Miller <>
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1 parent e0a40de commit b557f0c2c49b4798e0be6ee33fd456c7fb54ac40 @themoken committed May 20, 2010
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@@ -87,8 +87,7 @@ def silentfork(path, href, text, fetch):
path = path.replace("%u", href)
- shell = os.getenv("SHELL")
- os.execv(shell, [shell, "-c", path])
+ os.execv("/bin/sh", ["/bin/sh", "-c", path])
if text:

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