The next generation Canto RSS daemon
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Canto Daemon

This is the RSS backend for Canto clients.

Canto-curses is the default client at:


Debian / Ubuntu
- python3
- python3-feedparser

Arch (Py3 is default)
- python
- python-feedparser


From this directory, run

    $ sudo python3 install

If you're a systemd user you can easily run it on startup

    $ systemctl --user enable canto-daemon

Or start it manually with

    $ systemctl --user start canto-daemon

By default, user sessions start on login, and end on logoff stopping daemons. This is good behavior, but if you don't want canto-daemon to stop when you log out (to keep gathering news) enable "lingering" for your account.

    $ loginctl enable-linger <username>

This will start one session for you on boot that will last until shutdown.