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Fix coalescing one-config arguments

If you strip spaces out of a one-config call, you end up with garbage.

Signed-off-by: Jack Miller <>
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1 parent 0d566eb commit 6d00485a43276e189c0cd692f5291008b28389a6 @themoken committed Nov 19, 2012
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4 canto_next/
@@ -283,8 +283,8 @@ def cmd_one_config(self):
return False
if sys.argv[1] == "--eval":
- return self._config(["".join(sys.argv[2:])], True)
- return self._config(["".join(sys.argv[1:])], False)
+ return self._config([" ".join(sys.argv[2:])], True)
+ return self._config([" ".join(sys.argv[1:])], False)
def cmd_config(self):
"""USAGE: canto-remote config [--eval] [option](=value) ...

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