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langner commented Oct 14, 2012

As in the title, I'd like to have something like default_keep in 0.7, to keep a limited number of items.

I've seen the keep (and rate, but that's not related to this issue) attributes in CantoFeed, but I don't see right away where they are used. Setting them does not seem to make a difference. Is this not implemented yet?

Also, are read items ever removed? Is there something akin to never_discard from the previous version?


themoken commented Oct 21, 2012

Rate is enforced by the fetch threads, but there's no external way to change it without bashing a config variable with canto-remote.

Keep is ignored, as you saw.

Currently, the daemon saves at least 2x the number of items presented in a feed. So if the feed has 10 items in it, it will save 20. Any items beyond that will be discarded unless they're protected, usually because they're being used by a client.

langner commented Oct 21, 2012

Thanks for the response. Three follow-up questions...
Are you planning to add the keep functionality?
What does 'being used by a client' really mean?
Can I automatically protect unread items?

Narrat commented Dec 18, 2012

Can I automatically protect unread items?

Something like that would be nice


themoken commented Mar 5, 2013

In git I've added configs for keep_time and keep_unread which are exposed by canto-curses with commands of the same name.

:keep_time = (number of seconds before an item is considered for discarding after it's disappeared from feed source)
:keep_unread = (True|False)

I've moved away from having an explicit number of items kept because it makes more sense to keep them all for a certain time after they've stopped showing up in the feed source. If you're looking to limit the number of items shown in the client, a filter will have to do.

themoken closed this Mar 5, 2013

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