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A website to decide where you should live
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When you're moving house, deciding where to move to can be tricky. Researching important factors such as safety, transit time, and demographics is one problem; deciding which factors you care most about is another.

Where Should I Live?, speeds up the research and decision-making process. It pulls together a broad range of data, takes into account the strength of your preferences, and produces a heat map which matches what you're looking for. This interface sets it apart from similar, but less personalised tools. In addition, it can be used as an analytical tool for non-residents, such as real estate agencies, small businesses, and government agencies trying to make local policy decisions.

'Where Should I Live' uses data from Data ACT and the 2016 Australian Census. We've combined multiple data sources along with our custom weighting of their importance for each category.

Try the live site or host it yourself with the installation steps below.


Software pre-requisites are nodejs and npm. On Ubuntu 16.04 run:

$ sudo apt-get install nodejs npm
$ npm install
$ npm start


'Where Should I Live' was developed at the 2017 Australian GovHack. Visit our official hackerspace for further information and the datasets used.

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