Visual Studio solution file generator. Generates solution file based on a root project, and pulls in all projects which have a reference to the root, as well as all of its own dependencies.
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SlimJim genereates Visual Studio solution files that include related projects from disparate repositories.

To install SlimJim, run the following command in the NuGet Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package SlimJim

SlimJim is meant to be invoked from the command line. It will search a given directory recursively for .csproj files, and include them in a new solution file if:

  • The name matches one of the target project files.
  • The project has a dependency on one or more of the target project files.
  • One of the target project files has a dependency on it.
  • Any project to be included in the solution has a reference to it.


  • --target ProjectName Required; include one or more target projects in your solution. All dependencies will be included for them. Repeat switch for multiple targets.
  • --root C:\Projects\Root Optional; indicates the directory which contains the root project that you want to build a solution file for. Defaults to the working directory.
  • --search C:\Additional\Search\Path Optional; specify one or more directories to search for projects that depend on or are depdended on by the target projects.
  • --out SolnDir Optional; specify a directory other than the working or target directory to write the generated solution file.
  • --version 2008 Optional; supported versions: 2008, 2010 (default).
  • --name SolutionName Optional; alternate name for generated solution file. If omitted, defaults to target project name.
  • --all Optional; indicates that all efferent assembly references should be included in the solution. By default, they are omitted.
  • --ignore Optional; indicates that directories with names matching the given regex pattern will be ignored. Repeat for multiple patterns.
  • --open Optional; opens the solution in Visual Studio after generating it.
  • --convert Optional; modifies relevant csproj files to use Project References instead of Assembly References.
  • --unconvert Optional; reverses changes made by --convert flag.
  • --fixhintpaths Optional; adjust HintPath metadata in relevant csproj files to point to directory relative to generated Solution.
  • --restorehintpaths Optional; reverses changes made by --fixhintpaths flag.

Upcoming features

  • .slim file in your projects root directory can contain details for generation of one or more solution files. This will allow for simple invocation, e.g. "C:\MyProjects>slimjim".

Known issues

  • No error handling