Full Stack Kubernetes Monitoring with Datadog
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Full Stack Visibility in Kubernetes With Datadog in 15 Minutes

Kubernetes Monitoring with Datadog

Getting full visibility into a Kubernetes cluster means gathering data about your nodes, pods, applications, and the state of the cluster itself. Chick-fil-A is doing just that and will be showcasing how they use Kubernetes in their restaurants.

The Datadog community in Atlanta includes many skilled practitioners with deep knowledge and unique experiences to share, as well as a number of Datadog staff. Presented November 13, we held a special event bringing together the local Datadog community in an evening of conversation, drinks, and tech talks. Enabling people to meet their peers from local companies, share ideas and best practices, and learn actionable monitoring tips from our featured speakers!

Learn more about Kubernetes Monitoring with Datadog and check out the free Datadog trial to get started!