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Unofficial instagram API, give you access to ALL instagram features (like, follow, upload photo and video and etc)! Write on python.
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Unofficial Instagram API to give you access to ALL Instagram features (like, follow, upload photo and video, etc)! Written in Python.

This is the Python port of which is written in PHP. It is still a work in progress to copy all of its API endpoints.

NOTE: To successfully parse for a long time you should verify your phone number in your Instagram account. The new fake Instagram account with an unverified phone number after ~ 1-24 hours could not do any requests. All requests will be redirected to the page

Installation Instructions

  1. Fork/Clone/Download this repo

    git clone

  2. Navigate to the directory

    cd Instagram-API-python

  3. Install the dependencies

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  4. Modify examples\ with your own username and password

  5. Run the script (use text editor to edit the script and type in valid Instagram username/password)

Pip Installation Instructions

  1. Install via pip

    pip install InstagramApi


    py -m install InstagramApi

  2. Import InstagramAPI from a python command prompt

    from InstagramAPI import InstagramAPI

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