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A Fluent API for Spring.Net (also available on nuget)
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Fluent Spring Configuration for .Net

Welcome to the Fluent Spring API for Spring.Net!

That's correct, a fluent API to configure your IoC container. 
This library is an extension to and works in conjunction 
with the current spring.framework versions 1.3.0 and 1.3.1.

Because it is an extension, any xml configuration will still be loaded by the spring framework.

How to use it

Check wiki pages on github for more information.

How to build

If you've branched the source and want to contribute you can do one or two things:

build SpringContrib.sln solution file from VS or execute rake from /build folder.

Using rake, you will need the following installed:

	Albacore gem (gem install albacore)
	NUnit bin folder in PATH
	NCover installed
	NuGet installed

check the rakefile under build for the different rake tasks available.
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