Python software that decompiles (and soon, compiles) TI-Basic .8Xp files.
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Basically, TI-Basic

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Software to make working with TI-Basic files much easier on the PC by decompiling and recompiling the .8Xp files from the TI-83/TI-84 calculators. For more information about the 8Xp file format, see the site listed in the credits and the file, which contains additional reverse-engineered information.

If you're looking for files to compile/decompile, you can find a number of TI programs at


basically_ti_basic can be installed like any other typical Python package. Once Python (3+) is installed on the target system, simply clone the repository and navigate to the cloned repository in the command line. Once there, run python install. You should be good to go.


basically_ti_basic provides a command line utility and a few libraries.

The command line utility should be available in your shell as the command basically-ti-basic. The utility allows for compilation and decompilation of TI-83+ .8Xp files. It provides the option to write the result to a file or print it to the console. Some usage examples:

Open the file FIBO.8Xp, decompile it, and save the result to FIBO.txt

$ basically-ti-basic -d -i FIBO.8Xp -o FIBO.txt

Open the file FIBO.txt, compile it, and save the result to FIBO.8Xp

$ basically-ti-basic -c -i FIBO.txt -o FIBO.8Xp

Open the file FIBO.8Xp, decompile it, and print the result to the console

$ basically-ti-basic -d -i FIBO.8Xp

basically_ti_basic can also be imported into other applications. The libraries that may interest you the most are:

  • basically_ti_basic.tokens: Contains a dictionary of tokens to strings, and two functions for manipulating it (mainly, a flip so that the same dictionary can be used for compilation and decompilation).

  • basically_ti_basic.compiler.PrgmCompiler: Provides compilation and decompilation functionality.

  • basically_ti_basic.files.TIPrgmFile: Structure that represents a TI Program file and provides methods for generating the file headers.

Heads Up! The TI file creation (compilation) functionality is incomplete and may produce malformed files. Use it with caution and make sure to back up your calculator before loading any compiled files onto it.


basically_ti_basic is licensed under the MIT license. The full license text can be found in the LICENSE file.

If you find basically_ti_basic useful, use it regularly, or build something cool around it, please consider contributing, providing feedback or simply dropping a line to say that basically_ti_basic is useful to you. Feedback from users is what keeps open source projects strong.


Special thanks to for their TI-83+/TI-84+ Link Protocol Guide, which was a big help in writing sections of this software.