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gscreenshot is a gtk frontend for scrot, an application for taking screenshots, written in python and pygtk. This is a fork of the original project (last updated in 2006) that updates it to use modern technologies and to provide updated functionality.

This application was originally written by matej.horvath. The original project can be found at while Google Code is still up and running.

gscreenshot is licensed under the GPLv2.


ArchLinux and derivatives: Available in the Archlinux User Repository

SparkyLinux: Available in your distro's repositories. Run sudo apt-get install gscreenshot

Other distros:

  1. Download the latest version from here
  2. Unzip or untar the file (depending which you downloaded)
  3. From the command line, navigate to the unzipped files and run sudo pip install -e . NOTE: you can install gscreenshot by running sudo python install but that method will not automatically handle dependencies for you.


gscreenshot takes screenshots! Run it manually or bind it to a keystroke. Both a graphical (gscreenshot) and CLI (gscreenshot-cli) interface are available.

Command Line

Run gscreenshot-cli --help for instructions. The shell interface is non-interactive so it is suitable for use in scripts and pre-built calls.



  • "Selection" allows you to drag-select an area to screenshot
  • "Window" allows you to click a window to screenshot
  • "Everything" takes a screenshot of the entire screen.
  • "Save" brings up the file save dialog to save your screenshot

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Control+S opens the save dialog
  • Control+C copies the screenshot to the clipboard
  • Control+O opens your screenshot in your default image application
  • Escape quits the application


Find a problem? Have something to add? Just think gscreenshot is super cool? gscreenshot accepts contributions!

Contributing Code

Please base pull requests off of and open pull requests against the 'dev' branch. 'master' is reserved for stable code. You may be asked to rebase your code against the latest version of the 'dev' branch if there's been a flurry of activity before your contribution.

Pull requests may not be merged right away! Don't take offense, sometimes it just takes a little while to get to them.

Opening Issues

Don't worry about categorizing your issue properly, it'll get taken care of on this end.


automatically installed by the setup script or your package manager

Your preference for taking screenshots. You need at least one of these.

  • Scrot
  • ImageMagick
  • Imlib2_grab (the library Scrot uses)

These requirements

  • Python 2.7 or Python 3
  • python-pillow
  • python-gobject (may be called "python-gi" or "python3-gi")
  • Setuptools

Optional, but recommended

  • Slop (used for improved region and window selection)
    • There are some issues with the builtin selection functionality in scrot and some others
  • Xclip (for command line clipboard functionality)
  • xdg-open (for opening screenshots in your image viewer)

Development Requirements

The above, plus:

  • Glade
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