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⛰️ Wall Tracker

🔨 Built with

🏗️ Setup

  • Install lerna npm i
  • Install all modules with Lerna lerna bootstrap
  • Serverless is required for the API deployments
  • MongoDB is required
  • Each package has its own .env for configuration

🏢 Structure

  • packages/api GraphQL Api
  • packages/app React Native Application

🔀 Git workflow

  • Commit messages must follow the conventional commit structure - <type>(<scope>): <subject>
    • E.g: git commit -m 'docs(api): Updating readme'
  • Acceptable commit types are:
Type Purpose
chore Updating tasks etc; maintenance, no production code change
docs Updating documentation
feat A commit of the type feat introduces a new feature to the codebase (this correlates with MINOR in semantic versioning)
fix A commit of the type fix patches a bug in your codebase (this correlates with PATCH in semantic versioning)
perf Making things faster Whoosh!
refactor Refactor existing code
revert Revert back to an older commit.
style Formatting, missing semi colons, …
test Add new or updating tests

📖 Commands

Command Purpose
lerna bootstrap Install all packages node modules
lerna link Link NPM deps
lerna clean Clean all package installs
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