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Plugin Name: bbBolt Example Server
Description: Demonstration of a bbBolt Server running on the site where this plugin is activate.
Author: Brent Shepherd
Author URI:
Version: beta-1
require_once( 'bbbolt-server.class.php' );
function eg_register_bbbolt_server(){
if( function_exists( 'register_bbbolt_server' ) ){
// IMPORTANT: For security, you should store your API credentials in your site's database or wp-config.php.
// Storing real credentials in a source code file like this is not a good idea.
$paypal_credentials = array(
'username' => '',
'password' => '1308916362',
'signature' => 'AFnwAcqRkyW0yPYgkjqTkIGqPbSfAyVFbnFAjXCRltVZFzlJyi2.HbxW'
$args['paypal']['subscription']['amount'] = 5.90;
$args['paypal']['subscription']['initial_amount'] = 29.00;
register_bbbolt_server( 'bbb-test-server', $paypal_credentials, $args );
add_action( 'init', 'eg_register_bbbolt_server', 12 );
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