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PayPal Digital Goods for Express Checkout PHP Library Examples

PayPal's Digital Goods for Express Checkout service is a wonderful payment solution with disjointed documentation and an unfortunately verbose name.

I created the PayPal Digital Goods PHP Library to connect the dots in the documentation and offer a PayPal library that is friendly to humans.


This repository is designed to do three things:

  • demonstrate the PayPal PHP library in action;
  • demonstrate how to setup the PHP library for your own use;
  • show how to include the PayPal Digital Goods PHP Library as a submodule in your applications main Git repository.


To run the examples for yourself, clone the entire folder somewhere onto your server, eg.

git clone --recursive git://

Note the use of the --recursive flag. This must be included to clone the library as it is included as a Git submodule.

Once cloned, visit in your browser & follow the links.

Your Own Credentials

For convenience, this example uses my PayPal Sandbox Credentials. To test with your own API credentials, create a sandbox seller account and request it be set as a Digital Goods account in this forums topic.

Login to the account and get your API credentials from the API Access page.

Copy the API Credentials into