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Latest commit e408391 Sep 22, 2016 @mikejolley mikejolley committed on GitHub [2.6] Merge pull request #11903 from A5hleyRich/background-processing…

Fix session locking in background processing class
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.github Update premium support link Sep 15, 2016
apigen missing ; Sep 9, 2016
assets Fix cart update field enter on submit for IE Sep 22, 2016
dummy-data HTTPS for everybody May 27, 2016
i18n Changed 'L'Aquila' to 'L\'Aquila' Sep 17, 2016
includes [2.6] Merge pull request #11903 from A5hleyRich/background-processing… Sep 23, 2016
templates Added fixes suggested by WP CodeSniffer #11954 Sep 21, 2016
tests Fixed unit tests for wc_get_account_downloads_columns() Sep 15, 2016
.codeclimate.yml Update .codeclimate.yml Jun 20, 2016
.coveralls.yml Add for tracking test coverage Sep 7, 2014
.editorconfig HTTPS for everybody May 27, 2016
.gitignore Added PHPCS dependency and grunt task Sep 13, 2016
.jshintrc Tweaks JSHint for cart and cart fragments Jun 10, 2015
.scrutinizer.yml Move legacy API code into WC_Legacy_API Jun 7, 2016
.stylelintrc Cleaned up SCSS files so they lint and made some rules warnings Aug 10, 2016
.travis.yml PHPunit already looks for syntax errors Sep 13, 2016
CHANGELOG.txt readme Jul 19, 2016
Gruntfile.js Added PHPCS dependency and grunt task Sep 13, 2016 Updated badge Sep 13, 2016
apigen.neon Include REST API classes in apigen Aug 16, 2016
composer.json Added wimg/php-compatibility again Sep 16, 2016
composer.lock Added wimg/php-compatibility again Sep 16, 2016
license.txt upstream Feb 19, 2015
package.json Added PHPCS dependency and grunt task Sep 13, 2016
phpcs.ruleset.xml fix failing test from master Sep 9, 2016
phpunit.xml Test Aug 26, 2016
phpunit.xml.dist Test Aug 26, 2016
readme.txt When deleting a tax rate class, remove its rates Aug 25, 2016
uninstall.php PEAR.Functions.FunctionCallSignature.SpaceAfterOpenBracket Sep 2, 2016
woocommerce.php last item in a multiline-array should end in a comma Aug 27, 2016

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