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Better way to develop a modular application using PHP.
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Better way to develop a modular application using PHP.

Directory structure:

  • application/modules/sample/views
  • application/modules/sample/controllers
  • application/modules/sample/models
  • application/modules/sample/js
  • application/modules/sample/scss


For now, just download to your web server, set write permission and enjoy!

# Clone the project
git clone

# Set write permission
chmod -R 775 SynIgniter

# Rename to your application
mv SynIgniter my_app

Recomendation: (optional)

If you want a better debug for SCSS, you can install the SASS Gem in developer enviroment:

# Install Ruby and gem manager
\curl -sSL | bash -s stable --ruby

# Install SASS gem
sudo gem install sass


  • Documentation
  • SASS support
  • Coffee Script support
  • (Any ideas? Let me know! :D )


Why the CSS and JS get ERROR 404?

Probably your server are using some filter or mod_rewrite and don't allow SynIgniter to know the application path. To solve this problem, just go to "application/config/config.php" and set your application URL at "$config['base_url']".

Special thanks

  • Thanks a lot to wiredesignz, who create the CI HMVC, the base of my project! õ/