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A/B/n Testing with Google Tag Manager

Scripts that support A/B/n + Multivariate Testing (for [The Next Web] (, via Google Tag Manager.


  • Supports: A/B/n testing and Multivariate testing.
  • Integration with Google Analytics, will send data for event to the dataLayer.
  • Supported via Google Tag Manager but also easily configurable to run natively.


Both scripts work in a similar order and require the use of Google Tag Manager to make sure it will work. You can add a new tag there to make sure your variants are working.

  • prefix - a string that is going to be used to set cookies + check for tests.
  • randomNumber - the randon number variable used in Google Tag Manager. Make sure you enabled Random Number as a variable in GTM.
  • variants - the code for the variants, you can add an unlimited amount of variants.

We'll check if a user is in a certain variant to make sure that the user doesn't get any mixed up experiences. Next to that we also make sure the user is not in any other test currently by checking for any cookies that start with: tnw.

Quick start:

Include the whole script and at the top of the script change the testing variables:

// Variables
var prefix = 'tnw';
var randomNumber = {{Random Number}};
var changes = {
    1: {
        variants: {
            1: {
                execute: function () {

    2: {
        variants: {
            1: {
                execute: function () {

            2: {
                execute: function () {


Note: You'll never have to add 0, which is the original, it will take care of the original variant itself. You can read more about how to add a test in Google Tag Manager here.

Google Analytics

To measure the variants + experiments in Google Analytics we send the data to Google Analytics via the dataLayer. In both scripts we send the data via the abTest event. You'll have to create a custom report in Google Analytics to show you the specific data for your variants.

Data in Google Analytics for different variants will show up like:

  • prefix-{testID}-{testVariant} for A/B testing.
  • prefix-{testID}-{changeID}-{testVariant} for multivariate testing (MVT).


We set the cookies for the length of the test that is added in the variables at the beginning of a test. The names and values of the cookies look like:

  • Name: prefix-{testID}, with the value: {testVariant} for A/B testing.
  • Name: prefix-{testID}, with the value: {changeID}-{testVariant} for multivariate testing (MVT).

Note: We prepend the cookie name: tnw but obviously you can change this to whatever you'd like by changing the prefix variable: prefix.


April 27, 2016 (2016-04-27)

  • Allow for running A/B/n tests.
  • Change the use of the pre-fix.
  • Add support for the dataLayer.
  • Clean & tidy up a lot of code.

November 21, 2015 (2015-11-21)

  • Add a preview URL.

September 27, 2015 (2015-09-27)

  • Added a check to see if Google Analytics is initialized.

August 18, 2015 (2015-08-18)

  • Initial commit to add more information to the README.

Want to contribute?

Contributions are welcome! There are just a few requested guidelines:

  • Please create a feature branch for your changes and squash commits.
  • Don't worry about updating the version, changelog, or minified version.
  • Please respect the original syntax/formatting stuff.
  • If proposing a new feature, it may be a good idea to create an issue first to discuss.

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