a terminal tool for adding metadata to produced episode files in a simple way
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tntv-cli-tools Python Version

This is a terminal package for helping the producers of The Nexus be productive.

This package contains Python tools for

  • Adding metadata to episode files
  • Uploading episode files to S3
  • Maintaining a backup of an S3 bucket

This was updated to use Python 3 and thus will not work with Python 2.x. This was tested with Python 3.5, but will probably work on Python 3.3+.


All functionality is wrapped in the executable tntv.py Python file.

The two primary commands are tntv.py meta and tntv.py upload.

How To

pip3 install -r requirements.txt should install required Python libraries


python3 tntv.py meta filename.mp3 "Episode title" The arguments required are a file and a title, but there are optional arguments as well

  • --members "member1" "member2" "..." - this will add additional names into the predefined configuration
  • --show 'short name' - this will override autodection of which show this file belongs to
  • --number n - this will override autodection of which number episode this file is
  • --meta-config - this will allow the user to specify a different config-meta.yaml file

Example: python3 tntv.py meta ../raw/atn81/cleaned/atn110.mp3 "Micro Bleutoot Box" --members "Ian Buck"

This would output an MP3 with "Ryan Rampersad, Matthew Petschl and Ian Buck" as the Track Artists, 110 as track number, title as "At The Nexus #110: Micro Bleutoot Box".

tntv.py meta will fail on some conditions:

  • No configuration file is available
  • No album art folder is available
  • The specified album art file is not available
  • There is an error in writing the ID3 tags to the MP3 file


python3 tntv.py upload filename There argument required is only a file. There are currently no options.

Example: python3 tntv.py upload ../atn110/cleaned/atn110.mp3

In addition, tntv.py upload can take multiple file arguments. Each file in this argument list will be uploaded in that order.

Example: python3 tntv.py upload ../atn110/cleaned/atn110.mp3 ../atn110/tf191.mp3

In this case atn110 and tf191 will be uploaded to their respective directories.

tntv.py upload will fail on some conditions:

  • Unable to establish an S3 connection
  • Local file is not marked as an MP3
  • Local file has no file size
  • The remote file already exists


Documentation coming soon...