Generates flyers
Python JavaScript



It's a web-interface for creating flyers quickly and easily.

User Stories

Use story #1:

  • Person is doing workshop, wants flyer
  • selects event from calendar
  • tweaks the tagline
  • hits the big red button
  • downloads awesome pdf

Use story #2:

  • wants to make an event not on the calendar
  • fill out details
  • hit the big red button
  • download pdf


You have to get it from github:

git clone git://

You'll need these python libraries:

And you also need in the top level of the git repo (next to


So you want to upload this to dotcloud?

  • Sign up for a dotcloud account
  • Install the dotcloud client side CLI
  • Register your API key with your client
  • Find a copy of for linux - under Ubuntu 11.04, this sits under


    Copy it here, so that wkhtmltopdf actually runs under dotcloud

  • Then, do this:

    dotcloud push --all flyergen .

  • The --all option pushes your wkhtmltopdf along with everything else


To run:


Real Usage

To write your own templates:

  • Be sure to target webkit, since that's what wkhtmltopdf uses


Bugs aren't cool, telling us about bugs is. Report issues/suggestions on github: