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Pokes people until they self-report they are done with flyering.


  1. Joe is a member of the ADI, and they are putting on their massive development push of the year. To get out the word, all the members of ADI need to go forth and flyer, for that is sadly one of the best ways to get the word out. However, Joe is still quite human and forgetful: when his fellow committee member emails him the flyer pdf, he puts it off and eventually forgets about it a few days later, and the ADI doesn't get the audience size it wanted. However, his fellow committee member instead uses flyer-poke, and it nags Joe with daily emails, reminding him of an unfinished task and filling him with shame. After a few days, he flyers the fuck out of Schermerhorn and saves the day!

  2. Norg is an event organizer: he wants everyone to come to his event, and he has a sweet flyer so everyone can know about it and come. He logs onto flyer-poke, signs in with his UNI, tosses the PDF of his sweet flyer onto the site, and sends to the pre-entered mailing list of members helping out with flyering. He fires and forgets, relying on the auto-refresh after mondays to get the flyers reposted after weekly clearings of flyers.

  3. Shog is also an event organizer, but he wants to keep tighter tabs on how his flunkies are doing, specifically, looking at how fast people are flyering and punishing them from his skull throne appropriately. However, no one gives a shit about this feature, because we are all adults here.

  4. Nathan is a software writer: he wants people to flyer, but he also doesn't want to facilitate spam. He builds flyer-poke to do this, requiring University IDs to participate, possibly routing mail to only columbia students, and wielding a biznazty banhammur.


  • see github issues tracker, that is where all the to fix things are

Wish list:

  • add drag and drop
  • location survey to group members: decide who flyers where with minimum fuss
  • add metrics
  • Gamify the process: who's flyered the fastest?
  • Get the flyer generator integrated

Things to check out:


  • git clone this guy from github
  • copy over to, configure appropriately
  • you'll need to make your own auth endpoint: copy the example of, which presumes an oauth-like authentication scheme. If you don't have one, then you can use openid or facebook
  • get a google account
  • make an appengine app, choose an appropriate subdomain (Columbia has
  • using the appengine sdk, upload the app to appengine
  • ???
  • PROFIT!!!


  • If it is not self-explanatory, then I have failed, and I will have to impale myself on several sharp spoons. I'll brb.