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the journey also matters
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If you haven't read the post that inspired this, go do that:

Now, there's a gist attached to the article that lets you fork and cross off which ones you've finished, as a sort of self-tracking tool, but it seems to me that like many things, the journey is more important than the destination.

Hence, this project.

You can see it in action here.


  • fork this repo
  • enable github pages
    • hit the admin button on your
    • you'll probably want to git branch -D gh-pages
    • git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/gh-pages
    • rm .git/index
    • git clean -fdx
    • git merge master to get an empty template
    • git push origin gh-pages
    • if that doesn't work, report it to the github issues tracker
  • change the first 5 lines of index.html
  • edit the files under all/
    • each file corresponds to a single entry
    • the three states are [todo, wip, done]
    • the entries are named in reverse display order


There will be bugs: if there are, please report them to:

Or fork and fix!

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