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Trying out README driven development.

A replacement for IRC, meant for ADI consumption

APPNAME = Sockityak; subject to changes


1.) Bob is a normal college student at Columbia, who is also interested in computer science (this makes him highly abnormal, but nevermind). He wants to talk about some programming things once in a while, but the main avenue for connecting the ADI executive board (e-board) is through IRC, which no one is on, or the committee list-serv, which isn't an informal conversation thing. When APPNAME comes out, he tries it out: after finding the general chat conversation not to his fancy, he tries to talk about something else: this thread of conversation is forked, and eventually some ADI members find his thread after getting notifications of his new channel, and they have a nice real-time conversation.

2.) John is an ADI e-board member: he doesn't know what the community members want, so he asks them on APPNAME. Since APPNAME has become a hangout for the Columbia tech community, he gets responses within a day (a reasonable amount of time!) and even strikes up an hour of furious debate. He gets the feedback from the people that care most, especially outside of the e-board.

3.) Nathan is bored, and wants to talk. He logs on to APPNAME, and makes a meme-thread. Everyone has fun posting silly pictures of each other, and many lols are had.


  • Provide a highly asynchronous chat
  • Interval digests
  • Tiered notifications
  • Twitter-like conventions (@ (mention), # (tag))
  • Some extensions to the twitter conventions (!@ (immediate notify), ## (channel), @##channel:line (reply to line), @# (notify tag watchers), )
  • Autocomplete EVERYTHING
  • Add in a +1/like infrastructure
  • XMPP integration (digests/notifications)
  • smart digests (new tags, @, highly voted treated specially, both new topics and watched topics)
  • IRC integration (single channel)
  • rate-limiting
  • ban-hammer: channel and org-wide
  • forking model
  • NLP to determine whether a user would want to know about this update
  • NLP to determine topic name
  • Voting system for topic changes, merges(?)
  • Ensure University association for chat
  • Possibly access control (users against orgs/threads)
  • Possibly organization separation
  • Learn tornado and redis and mongodb


  • X Get Redis running
  • X Get Python+Redis working (apt-get install python-redis)
  • X Get Tornado running (pip install tornado, ubuntu current is 1.2)
  • X Get Tornado+Redis running (simple updates)
  • X Get AJAX-y Tornado+Redis running
  • X Get real time chat
  • X Add channels
  • X switch to json format in chat data
    • X define an extensible json schema (if you consider "type"/"message")
  • X Add auth (google oauth, or facebook oauth. or both)
    • X remake redis sessions
  • X Switch to mongodb (except sessions, pubsub)
  • X check sessions are still valid after each message
  • Probably clean up the styles right about here
    • front page
    • X channel list
    • X channel
    • settings
  • who's in the room list? / past participants (sadd, srem)
  • X Add title-page notification
    • X Add audio notifications
    • easy mute?
  • Add email notifications
    • add "watch" mechanism
    • once per message, if you're not already connected
    • digest (hourly)
    • digest (daily, weekly, hourly)
  • Parse out @ and #
    • get XMPP working
    • !@ - direct notification (marked digest, email, XMPP, text)
    • lots of if-this-then-that functionality
  • redis-based rate-limiting


  • Tornado
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • asyncmongo
  • websockets
  • jQuery
  • backbone.js


    • Still based on IRC
    • Does not seem to have tiered notifications
    • No NLP fanciness
    • No forking model
    • Not voting system
    • Won't learn Tornado unless I build APPNAME