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PSX-GS is a plugin for PSEmu-compatibile emulators to enable the use of Game Shark / Action Replay codes. 
This is the first of its kind for Linux, as far as I know.

The code is licensed under the GNU General Public License (v2). See the LICENSE file in this directory for the license text.

This is the 1.0 beta release version. All features are implemented for the
most part. I've only tested this with a 16-bit continuous write code (i.e.
0x80...) but 8-bit codes and conditionals should work. 

Note that the plugin depends on the following:
	* That $HOME/.epsxe exists
	* That $HOME/.epsxe/cfg exists
	* That $HOME/.epsxe/plugins exists
	* A recent GTK-2 and libc.

To build PSX-GS, simply type 'make clean all'. There's also a 'make install' target which will install and
gsconfig to ~/.epsxe on your behalf.

For binary builds, simply copy to $HOME/.epsxe/plugins and gsconfig to $HOME/.epsxe/cfg .

You can always get the latest version from:

Be sure to check my blog for information on how to use this plugin, as well as feedback from users:

I've now moved the code to GitHub:

Have fun,



Installing the binary build

1. Download and unpack ePSXe, and any other plugins you want to use.
2. Make a symlink from your ePSXe directory to ~/.epsxe:
	$ ln -sf /path/to/epsxe ~/.epsxe
3. Move psx-gs into place:
	$ mv gsconfig ~/.epsxe/cfg/
	$ mv ~/.epsxe/plugins/
4. Start epsxe
5. Select Config -> Video
6. Ensure that "PSX-GS" is shown in the combo box
7. Press "Test" and ensure that the test is successful.
8. Press "Configure" to configure PSX-GS.


Release Notes / Changelog

	1.0b	1/29/2008
		Be sure to remove the '-m32' from the CC line in the 
		Makefile unless you're on x86_64.

		You must configure the plugin before it will be usable,
		the cheats dialog is rudamentary, I know, but it does
		the job. 


		Integrated changes sent to me by Brandon Barnes <>.
		Thanks, Brandon!

		This fixes an issue where for some reason, the initial state isn't always initialized
		(e.g. GPUinit() isn't always called, which is likely a bug in the emulator.)


		I've tested PSX-GS with epsxe 1.9, and it appears to work.


Gameshark Plugin for ePSXe 1.6-1.9







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