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tp2 - Tiled Powers of 2



Usage: ./tp2 [-t game_type] [-b]
	-b:           Black & white mode
	-t game_type: Set the game type.


tp2 is a simple powers-of-2 tile matching game, based loosely on 2048, with a curses UI.

Move the tiles on the board with the arrow keys and match tiles. Each match produces a tile of the next power of two. The goal of the game is to reach a certain power of 2.

Matching tiles must be adjacent, and are matched according to the direction of movement. For example, when moving the board to the left, the left-most match on each line is made.

The goal is modifiable via the -t option, and the specified value should be between 10 (1024) and 15 (32768). The default is 11 (2048).

The game is over when no more matches remain on the board, or the goal in reached.


tp2 can be installed with the usual ./configure, make, and make install routine.

Color Support

On terminals that support the typical 8 colors, all 8 will be used. If your terminal supports more than 8 colors (and color redefinition), additional colors will be defined for tiles above 64, Otherwise, the default 8 colors are recycled for the higher-numbered tiles.

If your terminal doesn't support color initialization (indicated by the ccc and initc terminal capabilities) but it supports 256 colors, then it's assumed that its palette is xterm-256color compatible, and xterm color numbers are used for the higher-numbered tiles.

Black & White Mode

The -b option disables the use of color. This is the default on terminals without color support. This mode uses the inverse attribute instead of colors to render the cells, which hopefully gives a nice, strong contrast.

Black & White Mode


This should compile and run on most systems conforming to SUSv2 or better and including a XSI-curses compliant curses implementation.

It works on Linux, Mac OS X, SCO OpenServer (xpg4 curses), and even DOS (with pdcurses.)

Mac OS X 10.10.4 DOS SCO OpenServer 5


I haven't tested this will all terminal emulators, but it's working quite nicely with xterm, tmux, and the Mac OS X Terminal. If the grid doesn't draw correctly (e.g. it appears as a series of k, l, m, q or x chars) then it's likely that your terminal emulator doesn't support the alternate character set normally used for box drawing.

For scoterm, try setting TERM=dtterm .

If you're running with ncurses and a UTF-8 locale, you can try exporting this variable to your environment prior to running tp2:

$ export NCURSES_NO_UTF8_ACS=1

which tells ncurses to emit UTF-8 equivalents of the box-drawing chars instead of using the alternate character set.