Schemes of Roe, HLL, HLLC, Burgers; Equations of 1D, 2D, 3D; Euler, SRHD, Maxwell, Bona-Masso ADM; Implemented in OpenCL
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OpenCL Riemann solver for computational fluid dynamics.

A finite volume solver based on hyperbolic formalisms.

Works in 1D, 2D, and 3D.

Simulates Euler equations, SRHD, Maxwell, and ADM formalism (Bona-Masso) numerical relativity. Almost got MHD working.

Euler is simulated via Burgers, HLL, HLLC, Roe.

SRHD via Roe.

Maxwell via Roe.

ADM Bona-Masso via Roe.

MHD, I'm working on a Burgers, HLLC, and Roe ... though none are working yet.

Slope limiters are working on all Burgers and Roe solvers.

Support for Periodic, Mirror, and Free-Flow boundary methods.

Self-gravity option for Euler and MHD equation solvers.

Might get around to CG or GMRes method of Backward Euler implicit integration.

Bona-Masso ADM Numerical Relativity Results:

gravitational wave extrinsic curvature:

gravitational wave extrinsic curvature

slow and stable warp bubble

slow and stable warp bubble

alcubierre warp bubble collapse

alcubierre warp bubble collapse








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MHD Roe:

MHD initial conditions:

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Runge Kutta & TVD RK: