yet *another* hydrodynamics/hyperbolic conservation law solver, this one in LuaJIT using OpenCL/OpenGL
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HydroJS was the first then Hydro, a C++/multithread version of HydroJS then HydroGPU, a OpenCL version of Hydro then with Lua script config, then the Lua got out of hand until the C++ was doing nothing but managing strings now this project, lua-hydro-cl, pushes the middleman (C++) out completely


  • script-generated OpenCL GPGPU code regenerated on the fly as soon as you change GUI options
  • automatic tensor index representation of equations / symbolic differentiation (via symmath project)
  • 1D, 2D, 3D simulations and visualizations
  • solvers are usually a Roe scheme, though some implementations vary
  • various flux limiters
  • PLM for certain solvers
  • various boundary conditions
  • integrators: Forward Euler, several Runge-Kutta and Runge-Kutta TVD, and implicit linearized GMRES on the GPU
  • GUI-driven everything. no more restarting the program to switch solvers or initial conditions.
  • Euler equations from Toro's book (with some modifications for curvilinear coordinate systems)
  • Maxwell equations from Trangenstein's book with poisson solver constraints
  • Maxwell equations with GLM from 2000 Munz
  • ideal MHD from Stone et al 2008
  • two-fluid electron/ion plasma model from 2014 Abgrall, Kumar
  • SRHD from Marti & Muller 2008
  • GRHD from Font 2008
  • numerical relativity via Bona-Masso formalism described in Alcubierre 1997 and Alcubierre's 2008 book
  • numerical relativity via finite difference BSSNOK (Baumgarte & Shapiro 2010)
  • self-gravitation for some schemes (Euler equations)
  • Z4c from Cao, Hilditch 2011
  • nonlinear Schrodinger equation from Colliander, Simpso, Sulem "Numerical Simulations of the Energy-Supercritical nonlinear Schrodinger equation" 2010

Example Videos:

Rotating Black Hole / Ergosphere Formation

3D Rotating Black Hole

3D Alcubierre warp bubble

3D Alcubierre warp bubble


  • ADM3D with shift as a hyperbolic conservation law system
  • ADM3D (and BSSNOK, and any other GR solver) for minimal-distortion elliptical shift solved as a Poisson equation -- which doesn't require extra time-iterating variables.
  • GR horizon tracking / moving puncture
  • FOBSSN would be nice. Something with the analytic stability of BSSN and the algorithmic stability of finite-volume.
  • Z4 ... I need to finish typing in the source terms. I also need a shift condition.
  • implement eigen-stuff code in SRHD so that PLM can work
  • PLM for BSSNOK-FD and Euler-Burgers
  • PPM
  • higher-order polynomial stuff - WENO or whatever
  • better divergence removal (multigrid)
  • finish GLM-(ideal)MHD ... especially implement the source term as a second step with an exp(dt) (which I'm not doing at the moment)
  • rename mhd to ideal-mhd
  • how about a GLM method for Maxwell equations, so I can remove the divergence-free constraint
  • calculate and implement source terms for curvilinear coordinate systems (working on a tool to do this)
  • get two-fluid-separate EMHD working, so I can update the glm-maxwell with an implicit and update the ion and electron with an explicit solver
  • currently seeing errors when two solvers run simultaneously ... which makes EM+HD difficult
  • add HLLC/D solvers
  • implement Navier-Stokes, compressible & incompressible
  • BSSN connections based on difference with grid coordinate system
  • test out the GR+HD solvers
  • add source terms to GRHD -- or at least plugins for 'gr-hd-separate' to fill in from the NR solver
  • finish the GR+EM solver
  • add EM+GR+HD by winning
  • Figure out what to do with self-gravitational potential energy in the Euler simulation. offsetting it positive makes gravitational instability stable. offsetting it too positive explodes -- even a forward euler integrator (why). offsetting it negative causes more instability.
  • change vector field from immediate mode to buffered geometry, and gometry shaders if they're available
  • coroutines to iterative solvers? so they don't stall the app execution?
  • RHD W error in >1 dimension
  • GR flat space simulations make an initial wave. but shouldn't flat space be stable?