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For the backstory and latest updates:

Thanks to Mr.Doob, Altered Qualia, zz85, Jerome Etienne, Ilmari Heikkinen and everybody that helps make Three.js so enjoyable to use.

And thanks to Khronos, Google, WebGL San Francisco, Henrik, Tony and everybody helping make webGL such a great libray/platform.

real-time animated 3D big data visualization

Jaanga now has three quite different visualization applets. These are:

Jaanga weB3D

Jaanga built on top of Three.js providing hardware accelerated graphics (via webGL) in your browser.

jaanga web3D live demos

Jaanga geeDoc

Jaanga built on top of spreadsheets created by Google Docs.

jaanga gDoc live demos

Jaanga hiChart 3.02 alpha

Jaanga built on HTML files with extensive JavaScript. The JavaScript makes use of two frameworks: jQuery and Highcharts.

jaanga hcharts live demos