HORTON: Helpful Open-source Research TOol for N-fermion systems
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HORTON: Helpful Open-source Research TOol for N-fermion systems. Copyright (C) 2011-2016 The HORTON Development Team

For more information, visit HORTON's website: http://theochem.github.com/horton/latest

HORTON 3 info:

HORTON 3 is the modular rewrite of HORTON. It is split into several repositories and will not be hosted here. The table below contains information on the progress of various modules.

module name location code package doc
gbasis https://github.com/theochem/gbasis x x
iodata https://github.com/theochem/iodata x x x
grids + cell (old) https://github.com/theochem/old_grids x x
grids (new) https://github.com/theochem/qcgrids
cell (new) https://github.com/theochem/cellcutoff x x
meanfield https://github.com/theochem/meanfield x x
porcelain https://github.com/QuantumElephant/horton-porcelain RFC!