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A more stable, continuously tested and better node.js library for scripting your BeagleBone
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This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. Please use to interact with BeagleBone and its variants.

npm version

A more stable, continuously tested and better node.js library for scripting BeagleBone. This is alternative to bonescript library.

v1.0.0 introduces major BC breaks. Please refer to releases to see the changes made in latest version.


Recommended method to install OctalBoneScript is to add following line in your project package.json file.

"octalbonescript" : "1.3.x"

If you are running nodejs v0.10.x, you should use 1.1.x branch.

"octalbonescript" : "1.1.x"

If you are running kernel 3.8 i.e. Debian 7.9 or below, you should use 1.0.x branch.

"octalbonescript" : "1.0.x"

After adding this line, you should run npm install command from that project directory to install OBS. Another method is to directly cd to project directory and run npm install octalbonescript command.

If you must install OBS globally, you must run following command as root.

npm install -g --unsafe-perm octalbonescript

Please note that OBS does not recommend Linux Angstrom. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your BeagleBone to Debian by following link given below:


Latest code docs, examples and migration guide from original bonescript are available at following link:


This is a fork of bonescript. Some APIs are changed in v1.0.0, and we have changed many things under the hood leading to a much better, more functional and faster version of the original library.

This fork is created to make bonescript more feature rich, faster, fix bugs and make it work in simulator mode under Mac OSX and Linux.

We encourage you to report issues rightaway if you face any. We will try our best to be of help.


This fork of OBS was very helpful in making OBS compatible with 4.1 kernel.

I also thank psiphi75 who funded OBS transition to 4.1 kernel.


I have kept OBS updated and working since May 2014 and I will continue to do so. This ongoing development takes lot of my personal time.

If you use OBS in commercial projects, please consider donating some money as it supports ongoing development.

Bitcoin address: 15v6b7AP7TVc8PASGxqddYPeNW1kA7ydFh

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