The container that runs jobs in open-orgn-services
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Services Manager

This repository is a runner for the code in open-orgn-services and odi-metrics-tasks


Configuration is loaded from environment variables. Copy env.example to .env and enter the appropriate details.

This app uses resque for async job queueing. You'll need to install redis, run it, and then run a worker to process jobs. On OSX:

brew install redis
redis-server &
VVERBOSE=1 QUEUE=* rake resque:work

Regular jobs are handled by the resque scheduler, which you can run like so:

QUEUE=* rake resque:scheduler

To get a web interface on your resque workers:

resque-web config/resque-web.rb


Foreman uses the Procfile to launch our Resque services. So we can do like:

$ foreman start
14:50:10 worker.1    | started with pid 6122
14:50:10 worker.2    | started with pid 6125
14:50:10 worker.3    | started with pid 6128
14:50:10 worker.4    | started with pid 6131
14:50:10 scheduler.1 | started with pid 6137
14:50:10 web.1       | started with pid 6140

It can also export to a set of Upstart scripts:

# foreman export upstart /etc/init
[foreman export] writing: resque.conf
[foreman export] writing: resque-worker.conf
[foreman export] writing: resque-worker-1.conf
[foreman export] writing: resque-worker-2.conf
[foreman export] writing: resque-worker-3.conf
[foreman export] writing: resque-worker-4.conf
[foreman export] writing: resque-scheduler.conf
[foreman export] writing: resque-scheduler-1.conf
[foreman export] writing: resque-web.conf
[foreman export] writing: resque-web-1.conf

This picks up some values from the .foreman file. Note that we're using the template at config/foreman/master.conf.erb for the master script because the default start conditions didn't seem to work for me. You can control the whole lot with something like sudo start resque.

Next step is to proxy the web interface with nginx, but that's an infrastucture thing.


This code is open source under the MIT license. See the file for full details.