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This repo is deprecated, please use instead


git clone && cd flask-boilerplate
docker-compose run --rm server pip install -r requirements.txt --user --upgrade
docker-compose up -d server

Accessing containers

Require Docker >= 1.3

# use 'docker ps' to see the list of your containers
docker exec -it flaskboilerplate_db_1 psql -Upostgres
docker exec -it flaskboilerplate_server_1 bash

Migration process

# Prior to the first migration
docker-compose run --rm server python src/ db init

# Create a new version of the database
docker-compose run --rm server python src/ db migrate
# check file + remove comment + improve file if needed
sudo vim migration/versions/<migration_id>.py

# Upgrade your database to the last version
docker-compose run --rm server python src/ db upgrade

Run tests

docker-compose run --rm server python -m unittest


# Screenshot of python vendors
docker-compose run --rm server pip freeze > requirements.txt

# Run a command in the server container:
docker-compose run --rm server <command>