Theodo's generator to create new applications and update running ones to latests best practices.
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Theodo stack generator Current npm package version

🏆 Objectives:

  • launch a project in 2 hours
  • upgrade an existing project to our standards

☝️In any case, open an issue if you don't succeed !


With the Theodo Stack Generator you can

  • create a new project with React + a Symfony API: yo theodo-stack
  • create a new React application: yo theodo-stack:react
  • create a new Symfony API: yo theodo-stack:server

Upgrade an existing React project:

  • add CircleCI configuration: yo theodo-stack:react-ci
  • add and configure Flow: yo theodo-stack:react-flow
  • add and configure linter: yo theodo-stack:react-lint
  • add Plop.js generators: yo theodo-stack:react-plop

And many more (to come), to list what you can do: yo --help

Let's use it!

npm install -g theodo-stack-generator
yo theodo-stack


If you want a server with the provisioning and the deployment scripts:


  • Create an empty directory and run the generator:
mkdir my-app && cd my-app
yo theodo-stack
  • Clean your NODE_PATH and Launch your React app in the client folder:
yarn start

For the client, you may need to source the .env file (source .env) if you want to use absolute PATH. Also see: this issue on create-react-app repository

Set-up and develop on your generated project

Update the generator

If you installed it with npm: npm update -g theodo-stack-generator

If you cloned it: you only need to pull the latest changes from your theodo-stack-directory. npm link created a symlink to your installation so it is automatic.

  • From the theodo-stack-generator directory
git pull

Wanna contribute to the Theodo Stack Generator?


  • node >= 10.9


  • Install Yeoman globally: npm install -g yo
  • Install the package:
git clone
cd theodo-stack-generator && npm install && npm link

You can use nvm if you don't have the right node version:

  • Install nvm: curl -o- | bash
  • Install and use node 10.9:
    • nvm install 10.9.0
    • nvm use 10.9.0

Make a change:

  • Change the code, you don't need to do re npm link as it created a symlink to the generator directory

  • Check everything still works fine generating a project (yest this is painful and we will work on it)

  • When you make a change to the generator in local, you can use it immediatly with your changes

PR must have been approved by one of the administrators to be merged.

Administrators and contributors

This generator can be improved in many ways, PR are welcome! here !