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Use this tool with Trello to visualize the dependencies between your tickets


Link for live demo


git clone
cd ticket-dependency-graph
npm install
npm start

Server should be running on http://localhost:8080/webpack-dev-server/


  • Authorize the application to bind with your Trello account
  • Choosing a column will fetch all the cards from that colummn
  • Drag and drop a card on another to mark a dependency (or use form below the graph)
  • You can also use the form below the graph to add a dependency between two tickets based on their id
  • The dependency will be stored in the checklist "Dependencies" of the Trello card
  • To delete a dependency, simply click on a link and press delete
  • You can directly modify the dependencies within Trello : as an item of the "Dependencies" checklist, you can either use the URL of a ticket or its id (e.g.: #131)
  • Each time you change something in Trello (adding, moving, copying or deleting a ticket), hit "Refresh" to keep in sync.


  • It's faster to use the form to add a dependency
  • You can Drag & Drop the tickets to move them around and arrange them before you print the graph
  • For better visibility, you can delete a ticket from the graph: it will not be deleted from Trello and will come back on next Refresh

Known issues

  • Tickets that are moved to another column disappear from the graph
  • More issues