A checklist of common tools, settings, modules etc to check for a Drupal 8.x web project
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Drupal 8.x Project Checklist

A checklist of common tools, settings, modules etc to check for a Drupal 8.x web project

How to use this? I usually copy this checklist to a Github issue so I won't forget anything. Most of the times I delete items from the list so this is the full list.

Server type

  • Debian 64.x, stable (Xenial 16.04)

Server setup

Prefer to install all software globally.

Dev Packages (if needed)


  • Create Github/Bitbucket repository
  • Create Project Management project (eg TeamWorkPM)
  • Create a Trello board (if using Trello)
  • Setup Slack
  • Setup CI (eg Travis)


Themes (base)

Drupal Settings

  • Enable dev mode
  • Enable php error_log
  • Enable apache2 error_log
  • Copy ssh keys

Site Architecture

  • Content types
  • Vocabularies
  • Entity Fields
  • Blocks
  • Menus and menu links
  • View modes
  • User Roles
  • Views
  • Text editor filters
  • Text editor widgets/plugins
  • Image styles
  • REST pages
  • Site functionality (eg search, mailchimp etc)
  • New things to try (eg a new tool)


Development tasks

  • Create Project folder
  • Create drush aliases
  • git-flow init
  • drupal console chain commands
  • Setup cron jobs
  • Set xdebug
  • IDE setup (eg Phpstorm)
  • Create teamocil file
  • Create bash aliases

After development tasks

  • Disable modules: *_ui, dblog, devel, admin_menu, simplytest, kint.
  • Enable Caches
  • Enable syslog module
  • Provide customer credentials
  • Maintenance aggreement
  • Submit to SE (eg Google), use xmlsitemap
  • Submit to Google Analytics
  • Submit to Google Webmaster tools
  • Submit to Showcase sites
  • Publish on my personal site (work)
  • Publish any Open source project that can be useful