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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
$:.push File.expand_path("../lib", __FILE__)
require "yard-activerecord/version"
Gem::Specification.new do |s|
s.name = "yard-activerecord"
s.version = YARD::ActiveRecord::VERSION
s.authors = ["Theodor Tonum"]
s.email = ["theodor@tonum.no"]
s.homepage = "https://github.com/theodorton/yard-activerecord"
s.summary = %q{ActiveRecord Handlers for YARD}
s.description = %q{
YARD-Activerecord is a YARD extension that handles and interprets methods
used when developing applications with ActiveRecord. The extension handles
attributes, associations, delegates and scopes. A must for any Rails app
using YARD as documentation plugin. }
s.licenses = ["MIT License"]
s.add_dependency 'yard', '>= 0.8.3'
s.add_development_dependency 'rspec'
s.files = `git ls-files`.split("\n")
s.require_path = "lib"